Suppliers & Comparisons

List of some of the suppliers on the market & comparison sites

Reason Energy is a energy comparison site which has connections with UKPower and their partners uSwitch.  Reason Energy vision is simple... 'Reason Energy...looking after ourselves.

uSwitch is the UK's leading energy comparison and switching service. uSwitch has helped over 5 million people switch to a better energy deal.

British Gas is a British-own company and is part of the Centrica Group. It is the UK leading energy supplier.  British Gas takes part in the Energy Switch Guarantee.

ScottishPower is one of the largest energy supplier with over 5 million customers. Part of the Iberdorola Group. ScottishPower has had a relationship with Cancer Research since 2012.

SSE plc is one of the UK's leading suppliers. SSE generates more renewable electricity than any other energy supplier.

Formerly known as PowerGen, providing energy to over 5 millions customers. They are part of the E.On Group, a German based international company. E.On takes part in the Energy Switch Guarantee.

Established in 1990 Npower currently suppliers over 3 million customers in the UK. Npower takes part in the Energy Switch Guarantee.

EDF stands for Electricite de France and the EDF group is based in Paris France.  EDF Energy takes part in the Energy Switch Guarantee.

Boost focuses on the prepayment market.  Either traditional key or smart meters.

Bulb offer just offer one variable rate and review their prices monthly and bring down their prices down quickly when theirs a wholesale price change.

Shell Energy acquisition of First Utility in 2018.  Offers 100% renewable energy

Green Network Energy was founded in 2003 by two entrepreneurs.  First entered into the Italian market and in 2012 entered and expanded into the UK market.

Octopus Energy started in 2015 and focuses on customer service to suit the customer.  Octopus Energy takes part in the Energy Switch Guarantee.

Eversmart Energy is a family-run energy business set up to take better care of people. Eversmart focus on family friendly energy.  Protecting things that matter most.

Utilita is the UK leading supplier for 'Pay As You Go' gas and electricity via smart meter technology.

Toto Energy's mission is to deliver smart energy and even smarter prices.

Ovo Energy launched in 2009 and has established as a leading energy supplier.  Founder Stephen Fitzpatrick had no energy background - just a vision of how energy suppliers should be.